Stuart Young

Stuart is a professional live illustrator with extensive traditional/Agile Project management experience and a deep-rooted appreciation for Agile Principles and Methodologies.

“I am a professional live illustrator with extensive traditional/ Agile Project management experience and a deep-rooted appreciation for Agile Principles and Methodologies.

After graduating with a design degree I spent over 10 years working in the public sector. During this period I discovered visual techniques that assisted teams to identify service improvements by reducing process inefficiencies.

Over time I grew accustomed to Agile ways of working, becoming a Certified Scrum Master, DSDM Agile Analyst as well as a Lean and Kanban Practitioner.

I have harnessed my creative skills to translate concepts and processes into engaging visuals during workshops, events and conferences.

With international notoriety within the Agile Community, I have provided my services at various Scrum Alliance Global Gatherings/Retreats. In addition I have illustrated at an endless list of popular Agile conferences such as the Agile Testing Days in Berlin, the Lean Agile Scotland Conference and the London Lean Kanban event.

Combining both creative and analytical skills I contribute to team visioning/ planning workshops and retrospectives by offering captivating visuals that crystallise ideas and learning. Key insights can then be transformed into illustrated storyboards to clearly demonstrate a process, journey or vision. The artwork is then used by organisations to aid collaboration, stakeholder engagement and organisational alignment.

When I’m not drawing, I’m running a number of artistry workshops to support individuals to gain the confidence to draw and collaborate effectively. The newly gained skills assist teams to solve problems and map ideas with the use of graphic metaphors and additional visualisation techniques.

I joined Radtac in 2015 where I continue to assist individuals, teams and organisations with an array of visualisation services.”


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