Think back to your best project ever. Remember it? What was it like? Are you working on that project right now? Most people aren’t. What would it be like if you were?

Let’s make this project your best project ever!

I train leadership and knowledge workers and assist them in introducing Scrum, Agile und Lean Startup. I teach how to build strong, motivated teams and how to effectively and successfully develop software products — and have more fun while doing it!

In 2007, I initiated what today has become the Lean-Agile-Scrum Community in Switzerland. I have been active as a Scrum trainer since 2009 and have introduced over 2,500 Managers, Product Managers, Project Leaders and Developers to Scrum and Agile Software Development. In 2012, together with Steve Denning, Jurgen Appelo and Franz Röösli, I invited thought leaders from around the world to gather in Stoos, Switzerland to look for better ways of organization.

My main activity is Scrum training in Switzerland, Portugal and Italy. My coaching interest focuses on start-ups, but also established companies that want to create a healthy and creative corporate culture.

I studied Computer Science at Colgate University and started my professional life at Microsoft. I have lived and worked in Switzerland since 1985 and am now fluent in English, German, French and Italian. I teach and coach in all 4 languages.

Specialties: Organization Change, Radical Management, Scrum Training. Product Development, New Projects.


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