Hubert Smits

Accomplished professional with an extensive background of mobilizing teams and establishing focus that promotes organizational change, enhance performance and quality, and reduce team turnover.
10+ years of team mobilization and program development expertise in Fortune 100 companies and a keen sense of business acumen to identify, design and implement tailored solutions in support of business objectives.


In short: I help teams to change “old habits” to become “agile habits” – not doing what a team is supposed (or used) to do, but doing what the team considers the best used of time and resources. Some of me “helping” is teaching: talk about what it means to work in short cycles, whether you are a product manager or a Java programmer. More exciting parts of me “helping” is about showing the way: help a product manager to be flexible with requirements, help a manager understand what flexibility in long term planning means and how it is achieved, or facilitating a planning session with a team.

Agile for Executives, Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Team training, Intro to Agile Training, Lean for Executives, Lean Team Practices.


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