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Vocational Training, the genesis of Rumos

Founded in Lisbon in 1992, Rumos was a pioneer in the Technical Training and Certification of IT professionals in Portugal, and is currently the most representative company in this market segment.

IT services

In order to respond to the needs of a dynamic market, Rumos Serviços appeared in 2000. Through a team of highly specialized and certified professionals, Rumos currently has solutions in the areas of Outsourcing in IT, Cloud Solutions, Enterprise Productivity & Collaboration, Managed Services and IT Service Management.


In order to guarantee an immediate and up-to-date know-how, Rumos develops partnerships with brands of representative manufacturers, thus obtaining recognition of the national and international market in IT competence.

The Professional Education

With the strategy of being present in the various stages of the personal and career formation of future IT professionals, Rumos developed the Education area through the foundation of the Vocational Digital School in 1999. It is aimed at all students with 9. Year who want the best practical preparation for the job market or for the pursuit of studies, obtaining, at the end of the course, the EU Level IV Vocational Certificate and the equivalence to the 12th year of schooling.

Rumos in numbers

Rumos operates globally, having already developed projects in 32 countries, counting annually with approximately 17,500 graduates and 2,500 certifications. It has a team of 300 consultants specializing in IT, delivering an annual average of 550,000 consulting hours.

Rumos: over two decades have contributed to the success of IT in Portugal.


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