Silver Partner

NEED ONE was born in 2012 with the rental of mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) mainly for tourism and events.

In 2013 it acquired, and became the leading reference in the sector, making iPads available at all national airports and via online orders.

Since then it has extended its area of ​​influence to innovative technological solutions that seek to facilitate the management and organization of events, such as:

• 2014 – ONE Ticket: sending of electronic invitations and check-in control by iPads (used at the opening of Cartier in Lisbon);

• 2015 – ONE Track: navigation on tourist routes and peddy / car papers with georeferencing and inclusion of rich content by point of interest (Europcar vehicles team);

• 2016 – ONE Sponsors: meeting marketplace between event organizers and sponsors (private support to various reference events and public to solidarity events);

• 2017 – ONE Power: rental of stands to charge tablets and smartphones at events (to be launched in IDC Directions 2017).

Today it has 150 iPads in stock itself and collaborates with more than 200 national and international reference clients of various sectors


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