Hugo Lourenço’s has over 13 years of experience in areas ranging from business analysis, project management, agile, lean, service management, governance, Integrated Cyber Defense Operations, Customer User Experience Strategy to challenging leaders to drive the future. He believes the foundation drivers and enablers are Integration, Communication and People.

He’s most passionate about getting to the bottom of how (and why) things tick, and has focused on qualitative and quantitative primary management tools for more a decade.

He researches and implements global trends among senior executives and organizations across any industry and topic you can imagine, from strategic advisor, cloud computing, management and Integrated Cyber Operations Portfolio to diversity, orthodoxies and all through the way he works on the projects.

Hugo has a strong personal drive. Targets motivate him strongly, but a major incentive is the idea of creating a legacy and welding influence over others.

Persistent and open to all new things, he loves the combination for bringing a new ideas through the various phases of development and execution. “Where there is a will, there is a way,” is perhaps the best way to describe him. He is a perfectionist and tends to be workaholic, most likely because it takes an incredible amount of dedication, time and hard work to push through an idea or initiative that hasn’t yet caught on. He also counts on his mentors that help him on his retrospectives.

Hugo Lourenco is the chairman of SCRUMDAY PORTUGAL® Group from Agile and Scrum Alliance and works with many other agile practitioners like the the keynotes of this edition.


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