From the beginning of manned flight, to the first step on the moon, the patterns of agility have guided both the exploration of aviation and space. As complexity continues to increase and resources become scarcer, the use of Agile and similar methodologies within the aerospace industry has become indispensable.

The history of aerospace extends over two thousand years, back to the earliest forms of aviation. From the story of Icarus to Chinese kites, mankind has been fascinated by flight. However, it has only been in the last few centuries that we have seen man take to the skies, beginning with balloons, then advancing to powered flight in 1903, followed closely by supersonic flight, spaceflight, and flight to other worlds.

Please join us as we reflect on both the successes and failures throughout the course of man’s quest for the heavens. We will discover some common patterns that lead to failure in various events in aviation, as well as examine missions and flights that met with success, and apply these lessons to our Agile toolbox as we look to replicate success in future endeavors.


by Thomas Friend

Session: October, 2nd – SCRUMDAY PORTUGAL® Conference


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