How to do more that matters:
From personal satisfaction to professional success

Personal Agility is a new Agile framework to help you organize your time, tasks, life and projects. The goal is to do more that matters, and you get to decide what matters!

In this interactive workshop you will learn to apply:

  • the Six Powerful Questions of Personal Agility
  • “Celebrate and Choose” to get control of your to-do list
  • the Forces Map and Breadcrumb Trail to understand what really matters
  • the Stakeholder Interview and Canvas to build trust and understanding with your stakeholders

After this workshop, you will be able to

  • Manage your week for maximum impact, both at work and at home
  • Distinguish between urgent and important tasks, and make the necessary time available for both
  • Say No to things that don’t matter
  • Build confidence in yourself and your ability to do the right thing

What to bring

We recommend you bring your notebook or tablet. We suggest using (account required) or other Kanban-capable card system. If you don’t have access to Trello, you can also use tangible cards or post-its.


by Peter Stevens

Session: October, 3nd – morning


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