Transform your whole organization and teams in record time using Agile and Enterprise Social Systems

Many senior leaders have embraced Agile and Scrum but they have the feeling that something is not working as expected. Alternatively, many feel the desired benefits from adopting Scrum and Agile have not been fully achieved. While we have experienced the exponential grow of supercomputing power, we are still using old structures, paradigms and beliefs to structure our organizations.

Enterprise Social Systems is a theory, tools and change framework that can be used in any company to accelerate the transformation 2x or more.
Join this workshop where you will learn about the theory, tools and how to apply them with real problems and be ready to use them the day after the session.

This workshop is valuable to any leader, consultant, Scrum Master or Agile Coach in the midst of a business transformation, working to scale up a product, increase the delivery of business value, introduce market disruptions or find fresh ideas and techniques.

This is a very dynamic session where people will be able to try, experiment and apply the knowledge acquired.


by Erich Buhler

Session: October, 3nd – afternoon


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